They Do What We Did HN!

OH dear readers beware as I flood the site with obnoxious holiday babble but today you are spared as I simply reminisce.

I have 3 siblings; a brother and 2 sisters, all of who are my very dearest friends.  My younger sister, HN, and I were inseparable.  We did everything together including pee together…at the same time….on the same toilet.   Ironically my girls do the same thing except they call it froggy pee, not sure why.  HN and I just wanted to see if we could fit on together or we would wait until we both had to go so terribly bad that we were forced to go together.  She might have a different recollection after all, that girl has an elephant memory.

The similarities between my girls and the things my sister and I did don’t stop there.  In fact one of my favorite memories was when we had our own rooms and we would take turns sneaking to the bathroom to leave each other notes.  We could barely read or write so the notes said stupid things like “hi” or “good night.”  But it was fun.

Our code was to flush the toilet if we heard our parents coming.  However being fearful of waste I told her not to really flush so she yelled the word flush.  It was hysterical and didn’t really work well as our escape from not getting caught.

That brings me to my girls and their clever little ways tonight.  L tried to tell me she went potty and I said,” no you didn’t.”  And she simply and matter-of-factly said, “Yes I did….flush.” 

I immediately thought of HN and explained to her that just because you say the word doesn’t make the action real.

I love love love watching and hearing the wildly similar antics the girls do that immediately fling me back to my childhood.  It’s only getting better and I hope they continue to use their insane imagination just like my sister and I did.  Nothing in the world will bring out their brilliance in life more than that.

Happy holidays!

PS I don’t know what the name of that popular song is or the band but the main line is “it started with a whisper.”  You know the one?  Well as L was flipped upside down on the couch tonight getting her last wiggles out she was belting out “it started with a whisker!”  Ha funny!

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