The Truth About the Twingaroo Carrier

This is a quick look into what a typical day looks like through my eyes. I’m not going to describe the fights, the laughs, the crying, and the whining.  I’m simply going to give you a glance of how we do what we do.

Steve works crazy retail hours so it seems the mornings and the evenings fall on me. I get the girls ready each morning for school and ready each night for bed. I skip bath time some days. I spritz them with a little scented spray just in case they smell and I’m numb to it.

I shove an extra pickle in their lunch box with crackers because I ran out of fruit and yogurt. I pick books savvy enough for a one year old to read to them so I can mark it off on their log.

I’ve forgotten to read important paperwork because something and I never know what that something is, got in the way.

I’ve run to the store to buy a last minute toy, shirt, gift, snack for “something” school related just to see my girls smile.

I lug the four of them in and out of the car 897 times a day to school, the store, errands, play dates, doctors, and Lord knows what else.

If Steve is with me I feel like I’m walking on clouds but when he’s not I smile until it breaks and then I smile some more. Often times the devil pops out but hey, it happens to the best of us with one kid or ten kids.

When H and L were little I only had single carriers. I might use two, I might carry them or I might use the stroller.

I have a handful of strollers, single, double, side by side and stadium. I love them all for different reasons. The same goes with my carriers.

I had a wrap, never got the hang of it but I did love my Bjorn, a no-name and then I lucked into doing a review for a multi-carrier. I was in love with it but I couldn’t use it for long stretches of time; it dug into my shoulders.

However I now have the Twingaroo twin carrier as many of you know. I love it! I received one to review and I’ve been raving ever since.


So imagine a mom dragging four kids around in the middle of the holiday madness. Its dusk, the parking lot is packed, people driving like maniacs while checking their phones and I have four sets of hands to hold on tight to.

The stroller is obviously an easy choice but not when you have to fill an entire grocery cart with diapers, formula, clothes because the girls apparently like growing, food, food and more food.

It is immensely calming to know that I can wear both my babies, tight to my body to keep them safe and still hold on tight, tight, tight to my precious daughters as we dodge the parking lot madness.

I bring this up because last week I was approached by a mother who had her twins wrapped and she was a little defensive about the Twingaroo. Was it safe? Isn’t it heavy?

Before I even had a word in she had something else to say. Tiring, to say the least, but that’s when it dawned on me,  although I cannot rave enough about the Twingaroo twin carrier and how it has made my life easier, I really don’t know much about the story behind it.

What did I do about it? I called Julixa- the founder of Stuff 4 Multiples (the company that makes the Twingaroo twin carrier) and scheduled a chat with her. I had questions and dammit she was going to give me answers! Here is my interview:


Why did you go with a cream color for the Twingaroo?

“We initially chose a light color because we ran a poll on Stuff 4 Multiples and parents wanted a carrier that wouldn’t attract the sun too much. Although I understand it is going to get dirty, it is extremely easy to clean. In mid 2015 we are launching different colors. It should be interesting to see what the most popular color will be. We always listen to our customers and try to accommodate their needs/likes.”

Why did you decide to put a diaper bag in the back of the Twingaroo?

“I’m a mother of multiples, I know what it’s like to have to go out and about with your twins and have to carry a diaper bag as well. It’s not easy. Stuff 4 Multiples is not new to the twin carrier business. Twin carriers have been around for over 5 years. One day I was at a book store and saw the TwinTrexx in action (the TwinTrexx is a Stuff 4 Multiples product as well). I saw this poor mom wearing her twins and carrying a diaper bag. It was so frustrating. I just knew there had to be a better way. That’s when the Twingaroo was born.”

I hear you’re not a baby wearer- why would you make a carrier then? Is it safe?

I’m not a wrap wearer- never have been. I admire those mothers that can put on wraps and walk around confidently. I tried one with my singleton and just didn’t get it. I did wear my children at one point or another and I enjoyed it immensely. I am a firm believer in keeping my children close and nurturing them. Just because I’m not a certified baby wearer doesn’t mean I don’t know what kind of design works. I’ve been in the baby industry for over six years and have been a mother for twenty. The Twingaroo was designed with the assistance and guidance of top leaders in the infant carrier industry, as well as esteemed members of ASTM. We ran several polls and asked our social media members for feedback. We tested out prototypes and noted every single thing that was liked and disliked about the initial Twingaroo model. We made sure that we pleased the majority of our customers with this product. The development of the Twingaroo twin carrier was not overnight. It took years to design and test. Stuff 4 Multiples puts products on the market that have surpassed standard safety testings.”

Can it be worn as two separate carriers?

“The Twingaroo is made to be simple. It’s made to be put on and taken off easily. What’s easier than a one piece carrier? As a mother I know that we just don’t have the time to figure things out. I wanted to provide parents of multiples with a carrier that allowed them to get up and go! Stuff 4 Multiples has been selling a two piece twin baby carrier for over four years (TwinTrexx). The TwinTrexx 2 is also a two piece twin carrier and it has a wider sitting base for infants. It can be worn with two babies in the front, one in the front and one in the back, and as two separate carriers. We didn’t see the need to carry that feature over to the Twingaroo carrier and we wanted to give parents of multiples a selection.” 

What if I don’t want the diaper bag in the back?

“Um- sorry. You’re stuck with the diaper bag. You’re stuck with an area where you can put diapers, pacifiers and junk. The diaper bag area of the Twingaroo does not make the carrier heavy. I have yet to meet someone- parent of multiples or singleton that didn’t put a thing in the diaper bag.”

What’s the story behind Stuff 4 Multiples?

“Stuff 4 Multiples was created with one thing in mind- to make life with multiples easier. We are currently the #1 Twin Store in the US. Why? Simple. We listen. It’s not always about selling a product; it’s about making a connection. With that in mind we created a Facebook page that provides parents of multiples a place to go and ask questions without being judged, share their ups and downs, and have a good laugh. Parenting is hard enough- we want to help ease the load.”


Straight forward huh? The more I listened to her speak, the more confident I was in the brand and their products. She finished the conversation with a couple of words that I wanted to share with all of you.

“Listen Kerry, everyone parents differently. Everyone is going to choose a different product to wear their kids and that’s fine. The ultimate goal as a parent is to find something that works for you- whether it’s a Twingaroo or a wrap. No matter what people choose I’m just happy that they’re deciding to wear their children a little more. Nothing can replace the connection that grows from holding your children. Be happy my Twingaroo-zed friend!”

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