TToT- Turn That Anger Around

I did nothing but bitch this week.  To be fair we have been handed a ton of crap to deal with and although we are handling it gracefully, which is shocking for us, it is still stressful.

I am still very thankful for so much so this week I decided to join Lizzi’s blog-hop with ten things I complained about this week and find that positive spin on it.

  1. Got pulled over going fast fast fast!  I got a ticket but it was for not having my license instead of the massive speeding ticket the trooper could have given me. I do not like how the ticket was worded though “failure of individual driving on highway to display license to uniformed police on demand.”  If I had it I would have gladly displayed it!  It makes me sound like a criminal instead of a neurotic pregnant woman.
  2. Speaking of not having my license, I lost my wallet.  It didn’t dawn on me until I got pulled over on Friday.  I finally found said wallet in shopping bag….from Monday.  So thankful that I didn’t need it between then, and that it wasn’t actually stolen by some criminal spending away but just sitting cozy in my closet.
  3. I have stuff going on with this pregnant body that I won’t discuss in public and I just keep reminding myself only 11 more weeks even though I LOVE being pregnant some of these side effects and their pain are unbearable.
  4. Complaining about the girls fighting.  It has a lot to do with me because I’m not as engaged as I usually am.  I don’t do as much with them or entertain them as much but I’m still grateful that they are healthy enough to fight, whine, cry and drive me crazy
  5. A messy yard has been getting on my nerves but I spent 10 years walking dogs and I love that I can just let the dogs and kids out back to play and know they are safe.
  6. A pile of laundry staring at me…all day….every day.  It’s like the moon and just follows me everywhere I go in the house!  BUT I have enough clothes to cover my family and the furniture so that’s a good thing.
  7. A dead fridge….boy a new one is expensive but it is so pretty and clean AND organized.
  8. Walking the length of 72 football fields to get to my work building but at least I’m not on bed-rest.
  9. Being broke but we aren’t poor.
  10. The upstairs is in total disarray but that just means the babies will have to sleep with me for a while until I can get to fixing it up.

Thanks Lizzi!  I honestly enjoy this.  Some days I find it easy to find things to be thankful for and sometimes I’m just a stinky brat with my whining!

silohette in ocean at sunset

Don’t forget to be thankful at least once a day EVERY day!

Ten Things of Thankful

15 thoughts on “TToT- Turn That Anger Around

  1. Awwww it sounds like life’s being a bit tough on you at the moment. So glad you’re able to find a list of Ten still, and I love your commitment to finding at least one every day.

    All the same, I really hope that your daughters decide to be nice to each other, your babies decide to stop kicking you, and your laundry decides to take care of itself (I’m still grinning at the idea of it as the moon, following you around…)

    Take good care, my dear, and go over and read Left Brain Buddha’s entry for this week – ‘Let it be’ – it’s beautiful and I think you’ll appreciate the sentiment.

  2. I love the spin you put on this post- turning the negative into the positive. There is always a silver lining although I definitely sometimes struggle to find it myself. Here’s to this week being better!

  3. I agree with Lizzy go check out left brain Buddha it was a fabulous uplifting entry. Seems like its been a rough week all around let’s hope it gets better every where. I hope you start feeling better soon the pregnancy stuff can be really tiring even though it’s fabulous.

  4. “A pile of laundry staring at me…all day….every day. It’s like the moon and just follows me everywhere I go in the house!”

    lol damn! what remarkable imagery! (can’t speak for the other Readers) but I immediately got a visual… sort of a camera angle (from a movie) of you are you walk across (a) room, in the background crossing a connecting doorway is a floating pile of clothes.. simply tracking your movements through the house, always one room away.

    (ok, it does sound a but strange, but your moon image, totally did it!)

    fun list.

  5. Way to turn those negative thoughts around! The kids will stop fighting (mostly) someday. Really they will. Or they’ll move out and you won’t have to hear it anymore.
    Hope the coming week is better for you!

  6. Agree with the others about the powerful imagery of laundry and that I hope it’s a better week this one. If it makes you feel better, I just posted a big old Thank You to my husband because today is our anniversary…and he worked all day. And when I say all day? He got home at midnight. I guess I should be happy he’s employed. And I am. But I get this!

  7. I loved being pregnant too, but even so, those last weeks are tough…hang in there! And thank you for the reminder that even through stressful times, I have to find things to be thankful for. It makes all the difference in getting us through those hard times.

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