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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day

I wasn’t sure whether to put this post in Damn-it Steve or here so you can decide.  Another holiday where every Mother, it seems, is on her game with super-duper homemade cards attached with homemade candy and personalized shirts for their kid to wear to school.  Gag!
Oh don’t get me wrong I want to be that Mom but ain’t no way it’s happening.  I was happy with the fact that my girls signed (first initial only) all their Valentines for their class mates.
I did get the girls some treats, not much just a simple box/basket and filled it with some heart shaped candy and stickers.  I got them all set up and put them away in the laundry room to give to them today.
So last night I told Steve keep an eye on the girls while I ran upstairs for a minute.  I guess about 15 minutes later I came down and the girls were unwrapping their lollipops and putting their stickers on Steve.
I snatched everything back up and put them back where they belonged.  Seriously how did I sneak all this stuff into the cart at the store without them seeing, make it home, unpack yadda yadda and in 15 minutes it’s all undone.
I guess it’s my fault for not telling him I hid their very obvious Valentine’s Day baskets in the dark laundry room.
OK after I calmed down and told the girls it was time to get ready for bed,  I noticed stickers on the side table.  This annoys me because that is a big rule.  I hate trying to peel the sticky tacky tape crap off of furniture.
I asked the girls if they remembered the rules and what they were.  They did and insisted that neither one did it.  I look at Steve for back up and see it all over his face.
  DAMN-IT STEVE!!!!!!!!

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