Welcome February

It’s the month of love and fantastic birthdays.  I really don’t care for this month weather wise.  It’s bitter, it’s windy, there isn’t much to do but with all the fun birthdays and Valentine’s Day I must say it has made its way into my heart.  I try to plan a getaway sometime mid or end of the month to just break up the monotony of it all.  This year we actually have to head to VA the 10th weekend to plan my high school reunion…20 years! YUCK!  But it falls on my sister’s birthday so we are very excited to celebrate with her. I’m secretly hoping they will have snow so I can take the girls sledding for the first time.  All the wonderful and scary hills we sled down growing up would be fun to document them doing the same.

Dreaming of warmer days or at least a reason to go out...snow

Now that I have kids it is fun to decorate for every holiday.  We have spent the last week creating Valentine’s day crafts and talking about who we love.  They “love” a kid by the name of Nick that is in their school.  He kicks and hits them but they say it’s OK because he’s cranky.  I don’t know why they think that’s OK but it makes me laugh.  One day I went to pick the girls up and got the answer to that question.  Nick aka Big Nick, was out on the playground with them and they were annoyingly chasing him around hugging him.  He was so annoyed as I can only imagine, so that is why I’m sure he retaliates the way he does.  I told the girls to leave him alone and they both said, “Why?  We just want to give him a hug.”  Just to clear up any confusion I don’t think it’s OK to hit but he is younger than them and they are constantly in his face.  He does get yelled at by the teachers but the girls need to leave him alone as well.

Kids love glue, tissue paper and stickers!

What else do I love; new beginnings.  With February comes a new month and a refreshed look at all the resolutions I didn’t even come close to holding.  I think I’ve accomplished nothing on that list.  OK so I have actually accomplished 2 and they are watching less TV and reading more.  That’s a great start!  Actually that’s a lie.  Maybe I should have added lying to that New Year’s resolution list.  I watch less TV during peak family hours but I end up watching it into the wee hours of the morning.  Hmmm OK so I have accomplished 1 resolution.  That sucks.  Welcome February!!! New beginnings….again!!!


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