Welcome Love Month

I love February. I really do.

People are always hatin’ on it. Why? It’s the month of love!

My love was born in this month.

Holly, sister (and best friend) was born in this month.

At least 5 other people were born in this month so to me it’s worth celebrating.

I’ve always loved love even when I hated love.

I took Valentine’s Day as a day to give extra hugs and kisses to everyone. As a child I would wake up every Valentine’s Day to a little box of candy from my parents. It was so sweet and special.

I was spoiled too. Big gifts or littles gifts but my favorite gifts of all always came from Steve. He is a romantic at heart even though he hides it. One year he built a planter on the outside of my bedroom window so I could have flowers and plants until I got my own yard.

Now that I have children to enjoy the holidays, made up or not, I love them even more. I set up sweet treats so they make their way downstairs sleepy eyed to a little extra love from mom and dad.

The arts and crafts are especially fun too! All the hearts filling the house!

I don’t care if Hallmark made it up; brilliant on their part. I don’t see it as a day for romance, I see it as a day of love and we all love someone.

I wanted to use February to make some fresh changes.

I haven’t posted in months and when I do it’s not the usual Kerry posts.  So I want to write more, exercise more, get this house to eating like it used to, and stop worrying so damn much!

Good Lord that is forever on my list. If I worried less I would stress less and be less cranky! What does that mean?? Shocker! I would yell at my wonderful kids less.

So if only for this one short month I am going to worry less. I’m not off to a good start considering it is after midnight and I can’t sleep because of anxiety!

Non-the-less I have a few cute photos to share.

We finally made it to the library and upgraded our library book basket to an adorable basket with a chalkboard heart. I’m also putting the girls, minus H, in as many hearts and pink as I can, at least until Valentine’s Day!

So stop hatin’ on this glorious month and get to lovin’!

Valentines Heart jammies and pitbull Valentines Heart jammies and pitbull Everyone wants a piece of Daddy when he gets home.Valentines Heart jammies and pitbull Valentines Heart jammies and pitbull The stare down as to who will end up with the pillow.Valentines Heart jammies and pitbull

Happy February! I know it’s cold but find one fantastic thing about February. I dare ya!


3 thoughts on “Welcome Love Month

  1. AW! I love that you love this month, and for good reason sweetie!!!

    I adore those heart babies… I can’t wait to see more pics of all your girls in HEARTS!!!

    AWAY with ANXIETY!!!! AWAY!!!

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