What Drives You to Drink in the Morning?

…besides vacation.

If you stopped by my home today this is what you would see:

Insanity at the kitchen

I woke early to hit the store before Steve left for work.  I thought I would have a few moments alone to regroup from the chaos of last night; inconsolable babies and fighting toddlers for at least an hour made for a crazy mommy.

As I was leaving they started fighting again so I didn’t want to leave Steve with all 4 and decided to take H and L.

In their jammies we headed out in the rain.  As we walked into the grocery store we were greeted by an employee who told us they were only accepting cash; not even checks, just cash.

CRAP!  We headed to the bank only to realize I forgot the bank card so back home we went.

H started crying because L got water on her new shoes….did I need to remind everyone it was raining?  Well, I reminded them and the entire parking lot of people.

The actual shopping went fine for a crabby day but as we headed to the van I noticed the side door was wide open. {insert tears}


H’s shoe got stuck in the shopping cart so as we were trying to pry it loose we were getting soaked and I was once again reminded by the stranger staring at me just how healthy my lungs are.

To the other stranger, clearly a mother, thank you for the smirk suggesting “you’re doing fine, I’ve been there.”

After loading the groceries, the girls and H’s shoe, I shut the door to return the cart. Guess what happened next?  Yep!  I locked myself out.

One fine observation is how quickly the girls can and will unbuckle if they are being devious but a locked out mom in the rain?

Once we got home I let them play outside in the rain just to keep some peace.  I unloaded the groceries, propped the babies up in their bassinet with a bottle so I could clean the fridge and blow off some steam.

I popped a beer at 10:00 so judge away!

I had my day and I’m sure you’ve had yours.

Now time to bustle through the day full of rain, cranky kids and some gassy babies.





6 thoughts on “What Drives You to Drink in the Morning?

  1. AAAAWWWW, I feel so bad! I thought these things only happened to me! I will not judge at all! I always want to pop a can at 10 am. I have done it maybe twice, but it made ALL the difference in my attitude and the rest of the day was fine! Wow, sounds like the worst day ever. So, your picture at the top is precious…Your “header” I guess you call it. I have an obsession with twins! I only have one child and my life is like your morning every single day, so I have so much respect for you!!

  2. Thank you! I feel so incredibly normal now for having had more than a few days like this. The worst part is, even now that all my kids are in school — I still have stupid, crappy days like this when everything goes wrong. and only myself to blame!
    I keep Bailey’s for the coffee for such times 🙂

  3. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! That’s when you would have called me and said “Get your BUTT OVER HERE and HAVE A DRINK WITH ME STAT!!!” And I would be all like, “Okay- but first can I finish my coffee?”

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