What is THIS?

I have a cute little garden on the side of my deck that Steve fenced off for me so it is my private space; no kids, no dogs.  I have beautiful bushes that all bloom at different times so I have flowers on my table.

I have the rose bushes the girls give me each year for Mother’s Day, a rescue Dog Wood that is gorgeous now, and among other things is my butterfly bush.

I love the amounts of butterflies and bees I see on there daily.  We’ve even seen hummingbirds but those suckas are too quick for me to get pictures of but I will one of these days.

Yesterday we thought we had a hummingbird spotting but it turns out I have no clue what this thing is.

It had a bumble bee fuzzy body, wings of a busted up butterfly and the nectar sucker  and twitchy fast movement of a hummingbird.

Does anyone know what this crazy (creepy) looking thing is?


6 thoughts on “What is THIS?

  1. I think it may be a hummingbird moth. We had these things around a bunch and my son kept thinking he saw hummingbirds. If you google Hummingbird bug, you’ll see lots of images for them.

  2. it seems as though it shouldn’t be able to fly…those wings don’t look like they could hold anything in air yet it moves so quickly and with such ease.

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