What’s in your Bag?

I don’t carry a purse, per say, because I have 4 different bags for each “thing” I do.  I looked in all of them and picked the most interesting.

The first bag was my teaching bag.  There were the usual suspects in there; teaching materials, candy canes, bottle of water and emergency trail mix.

The second bag was similar with all my Beach Lacrosse stuff in it; a few folders, spiral note pad, pens, fliers; the typical admin stuff.

The third bag switches between swimming gear and ballet gear.

So we are left with the fourth bag.  All my bags get cleaned out every day; yes every day.  I can’t stand a messy bag.  There are many days when it only holds:

  1. Wallet
  2. Chapstick  (I’d rather forget my wallet than be without my chappy)
  3. Phone, this guy’s lucky he is still around and kickin’
  4. Calendar, the old school 8 x 11 paper, full month view style that you toss every year

However on Thursday it was loaded with these additional items:

  1. Birthday gift for Daddy, very typical kid gift but I can’t say in case he reads this
  2. Four laminated photos of my girls with fake fire stuck to them practicing stop, drop and roll
  3. Dairy-free chocolate chips for my little lady
  4. YMCA tags and locker key/pad
  5. Make-up bag = gave my chappy a little cozy home for the day
  6. And this is the kicker!  A dirty pair of underwear.  Mine?  NO!  One of my littles either sharted or didn’t wipe well enough.  There wasn’t a lot and they were her favorites so yes I wrapped them up in a ton of paper towels and stowed them in my bag.  They were washed immediately so stop judging!

And there you have it.  I thought I was going to skip this Monday Listicles because my bag is always so tidy but you got me!  I’m glad these topics are posted a week in advance otherwise you would have probably ended up with that boring list of 4!

What’s in your wallet bag/purse?

Make a list and join the fun either in the comments or at The Good Life!

And lastly for my dear dedication I leave you with this…who said, “come on just touch it, come on”  Was it Steve or one of the girls?  Answer will be in my next  post!

Answer to the last post is….The Girls and they were referring to….well….let’s just say they are officially too big to see Daddy getting ready for work or shower…..


26 thoughts on “What’s in your Bag?

  1. #2 made me laugh! I know what you mean about having different bags for different activities. Swimming means my backpack, a night out might mean a clutch, my day-to-day is usually a purse though. I clean it out once in a while, but not daily by any means. You’re organized!

    • Well having 2 sets!! THAT is a totally different story. I did use laminated lists on all our bags so I never forgot anything and that was a huge help when I first became a mother. Now its just a habit and creating the habit is the hard part, keeping it once it becomes a habit is easy.

  2. I still have the old school full view paper calendar too! So glad to see someone else kickin it in style 😀

    I’m overwhelmed with the idea of cleaning the bag out every day. Impressive!!

  3. I was impressed with the daily bag cleaning routine, but now that I know you keep laminated cards in your bags with what you need I think I’m falling in love with you!

  4. I cannot imagine being organized and committed enough to clean out my bag on a daily basis. Also I still carry an old school big ol spiral bound calender in my purse.

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