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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When Steve is in charge of the girls he gets very creative.
I remember 10 years ago leaving him with my nephew.  My sister and I said we would only be gone 10 minutes, he should be fine.  Well of course in those moments alone little C pooped!
Not knowing how to tackle a poopy diaper he took the diaper off, grabbed a paper plate and set his butt on there so poop wouldn’t get anywhere.
Smart since he didn’t know how to hold with one hand and wipe with the other!
As a father, he became a master diaper changer I will say.
Now with a little girl who wears princess dresses, dressy dresses or any kind of dress she can get on he has stumbled into another pickle.  How to help her pee without letting her dress touch the water….pull it over her head.
She does it every time now!  Nice one Steve!

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