Where Did the Holidays Go?

It was an amazing holiday month!  Luckily I was too busy to post!  However I do wish I took a few moments so I can rewind in a few years and see all the fun we had.  Here are a few things I can reminisce about and hopefully as things calm down I can retrace and document everything….better late than never.

We went to Uncle Joe and Aunt D’s house for a birthday party where the girls discovered a love for their playground and I discovered just how stealthy and brave H is.


They demonstrated their skills for making mud. (note-they got busted when I heard the spigot turn on!)

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We put tattoos on our shirts that Aunt Terry and Uncle Don sent us. IMG_20121214_084545

We joined the humane society for their holiday party which was the first time the girls actually walked through the kennels looking at dogs.  L really enjoyed it but the barking hurt H’s ears.



We got to keep our favorite baby for a few hours; torture and loving in full force.


We made homemade gifts for our favorite people and realized that we were going to tackle 365 arts and crafts for 2013!


Dr. Vickers gave the girls a great report on their dental appointment; how cool is the waiting area?


I forgot to schedule their 4 year well-check so kudos to me!!! No shots this year!

Sent homemade hats and cookies to our little buddy, Isaac’s, first home at the NICU to help his friends.



Enjoyed our first choir performance of the year and at only 30 minutes long and one intermission the girls didn’t have a chance to get antsy.


Braved our first Third Friday event as TurtleGurlz; nerves shaking galore.


I cried as the girls turned four.


We decorated a bunch of Christmas gifts.

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I drooled all over my newest Godson!


Enjoyed the Festival of Lights, even though I had a major melt down, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the excitement in the girls eyes and the bravery L showed as she finally sat on Santa’s lap.

IMG_20121223_184934 IMG_20121223_181302

hubs downloaded this Santa photo from some rando interet site....sorry not sure which one.

hubs downloaded this Santa photo from some rando interet site….sorry not sure which one.

As I’ve mentioned prior, I have tons of stuff to post about from December so you will probably be seeing some Christmas posts well into January.

Happy Days and Cheers!

(pardon the grainy photos but all were taken with phone….and I’m not too good with these phones….)

























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