Who Loves a Surprise Visit?

I’m not sure about you but I love an impromptu weekend visit from some of my favorite people!  Uncle J and Aunt D decided last minute to scoot our way and we couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Why you ask.   Well that is easy.  They are the easiest company ever.  First off the girls adore them.  Second of all, which is my favorite, is they like to lounge around, drink beer and watch TV all weekend!  It’s the perfect excuse to ignore all chores and errands.   I literally feel like I’m on vacation when they are here.

Puzzles, beer and a very intereting show

When the girls and I get antsy we take a walk and Uncle J always comes with us.  We all don’t necessarily like to go do something in this chilly weather but we do need to stretch our legs so a walk around the neighborhood is perfect.

pull pull pull

chalk, roller skates, cousins and uncle= fun

Uncle J would write a letter and L would copy; excellent learning tool that I m totally stealing! Thanks J

A fire roared all weekend (J tended to it for 12 hours on Saturday), games played, and good eats, football games, running around outside, great conversation and crocheting! Another bonus is that Uncle J loves to take pictures so I am actually in some!

We love feeding the geese and ducks

Monday is here and now back to reality but since I was ahead of the chore game due to Sandy I’m still good to go and actually we are on our way to a late lunch with Aunt K.  Life is good, cold, but good.


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