Who Says Damn-it?

So the girls made it pretty obvious that I need to watch my mouth more.  It’s no secret that I love swear words.  I’m like a sailor.  Sometimes I say so many I start giggling like a school girl.  It’s crazy but I feel better when in my head I call someone, “a flippity stinkity jerkhead” instead of just jerk.   Let’s be clear none of those words spoken was what I wrote but you get the point.

I’m amazingly good, however, at keeping that potty mouth clean around kids and certain adults, clients, the clergy and so on.  It’s funny because if you know me you expect it but if you don’t you are shocked at first because I look so sweet and innocent.

In my prime I had to put a quarter in a jar every time I swore and by the time the week (5 days mind you) was over we were able to buy a case of beer.

Anyway, I try to keep it clean around the kids but damn-it just doesn’t seem to want to stay in my head; it just flies out all the time.  I truly thought I was getting better and trying to maintain a proper mouth but the following leads me to believe I am failing:

  • Can I have a damn-it milk please
  • Move damn-it dog
  • Let’s read a damn-it book
  • H, wanna go down the damn-it slide
  • Damn-it door
  • Hi damn-it

This was all in a matter of a half of an hour. They weren’t mad they were just saying it.  They used it as an adverb, adjective, noun and everything else under the sun.  The pros say to ignore them.  I don’t.  I tell them it’s an ugly word and Mommy is ugly when she says it also.

They sound cute saying it though and I do giggle; not in front of them of course.  I will work harder at stopping.  Maybe I should start another swear jar but that just might encourage me more.  After all the price of beer has gone up…

Nice picture just before a take-down occurs…maybe this is what I should do to stop the damn-its!

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