Why MY Family is Awesome

This week’s Listicle is all about family; ten little things that make my family awesome courtesy of Stasha herself!

  1. We all have to say Grace and it takes forever but it’s awesome that the girls, especially L, are so into it.  Apparently the whole wide world is something she is thankful for at every meal.
  2. We actually have fun and enjoy each other.  It’s not difficult for us to laugh.
  3. Steve and I are on the same page on parenting, for the most part, which transcends onto the girls making them respectful….again for the most part.
  4. I’ve turned the girls into squeezers
  5. Steve’s turned the girls into pantsers
  6. We ALL LOVE pizza!
  7. We would rather be with each other than anyone else whether playing in the pool or running to Home Depot
  8. Watching the rain, snow, a fire is FUN
  9. Steve has converted H into a techy, watch, gadget freak while…
  10. I have turned L into a shoe, purse, clothing lover!

There are so many things that make this family wonderful but above all it is the fun and love we have.  I can’t wait to make this family bigger and expand this awesomeness!

What makes YOUR family awesome?

15 thoughts on “Why MY Family is Awesome

  1. Hi Kerry. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your list!! Being on the same page as your partner about parenting is so important, isn’t it? Pantsers, huh??

    I know a woman here in Portland, OR, who also has two sets of twins–all girls. I just can’t imagine!! What is the chance of that happening? My sister has twins, too (fraternal boys). Congratulations!

  2. what a beautiful list…great that you all have fun together and each girl has a special bond with each of you…pansters…AWESOME! we love to have fun with each other too. and pizza is A GREAT MEAL.

  3. Oh man, my hubby turned my son into a pantser as well. He thinks it’s especially funny at Grandma’s house. We’ll see how funny it is when he brings home his first girlfriend! Ha! Happy Monday 🙂

  4. I had to go over and check out the “pantsing” post. You need some overalls, even if they’re not currently in style. Crap! Have your kids pantsed you? And what’s with the second blog? Must be the old one. The whole pantsing thing is total proof that your family has a great sense of humor.

  5. Pansters!! Ha, I love it. except the time it happened to me while reffing a basketball game. that was not a great high school moment. thongs had been invented by then. LOL
    We are big on allowing the kids to say Grace as well. The food may get cold, and everything under the sun, moon and stars is thanked and blessed — except often the food. ha. but it’s still important to let them pray aloud.

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