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Ten Things of Thankful

With the passing of Father’s Day I thought I would give a shout out to Steve.

I kept meaning to jot down all the reasons he’s great but he’s getting on my nerves so I asked the girls to tell me and their list is far better.

This is what H had to say:

  1. He wrestles with me
  2. Got me my Iron Man
  3. Taught me to ride my bike without training wheels
  4. Told me about Voltron, Thunder Cats and Power Rangers
  5. He does funny stuff

L was a little more sensitive:

  1. He’s funny
  2. He fixes stuff that are broken
  3. Builds stuff for us like stools for our dolls
  4. He mows the lawn
  5. He swims with me
  6. He works for this house
  7. That he got our dogs and gave them good names like Lola
  8. Because I love him
  9. Because he loves me
  10. He works hard to pay for all the stuff we like and our toys

But my favorite comment from the entire conversation was from L.  She said, “Mommy, I have a lot more to say because I love him so much but there’s not much more room.” I was taking notes on a small sheet of paper and running out of room.

On the other hand I had to take a moment to cut H off and tell her that love can’t be bought as she asked about “who bought me xyz?” and would like that listed as a reason why she loves Steve (when he was the buyer).

So the opposite girls are at it again but their answers are honest unlike the comments that can often come from adults.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be so blunt?

What are you thankful for this week?

20130516_105157 cropped-094.jpg 262Happy belated Father’s Day; you are a great one!

Ten Things of Thankful

10 thoughts on “Why the Girls Love Their Daddy – TToT

  1. My favorite thing about this post is that you were irritated with your husband at the time you wrote this and asked the girls to write it, which is SO VERY REAL. The girls did a great job, as you would have, too, if he hadn’t gotten on your nerves first 🙂

  2. One can only love and respect a man who would get his daughter an iron man not to mention the girl who wants one!!! I love that!!!!
    Even when they are buggin ya …good men…gotta love em.

  3. I love that your daughter’s comments are preserved on your blog. The girls will enjoy looking back on them in the future. Your photos to accompany the post are beautiful, too!

  4. Such sweet and honest comments! I love watching my boy and his dad and can’t wait to see their relationship grow as the years go on. That last photo is so cute.

  5. I so enjoy reading about why kids love their parents (or anything else for that matter.) Good for you, following through with your idea even if he’s getting on your nerves. 🙂

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