Wordless Wednesday- Lac LaBelle

It’s almost a Wordless Wednesday.  I just want to add a few words that will express why this photo is so important.

This is the very dock (a version anyway) that Steve spent the first few years of life and the rest of his childhood visiting.  This was where his grandparents lived; where his Grandfather built their home from scratch with his own two hands.  This place is a treasure for all the grandkids who smothered it with love until it was sold over 20 years ago.

For Steve to take me and our children there was very sentimental.  He kept smiling telling me “my kids are running in the same grass that I ran in at their age.”

This trip was wonderful and we are both so grateful we decided to make the trip to the lake; it was really a no-brainer though.

His grandparents will be missed terribly but what a great impact they made on their family!

Lac LaBelle

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