Worse Than Poop Words – DIS

Circa January 2012

After writing the post on Steve and his lovely poop songs I realized, thanks to KKS, that I do need to lighten up a bit.  Although singing and using poop words is inappropriate it is very entertaining and the laughter that comes from them over rules all else.
With that said I think I need to draw the line at the following 3 comments.  Now before I list them I must tell you that this all happened before he left for work at 9:30 and we didn’t even get up until shortly after 8.
  1. after the dogs had a wrestling match, one dog humped the other dog as a sign of dominance; whatever, happens all the time.  Steve proclaims, “lick her in the front poke her in the rear!”  This was immediately followed by L saying, “lick her in the rear!”
  2. reminding the girls to wipe only from front to back Steve says, ” front to back but don’t touch the sac.”
  3. And lastly after I gave him a look of death for the constant foot in the mouth he tells me “cool your jets Momma.”

I’m not too sure how long this man is going to live.

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